Month: July 2017

My first stop selling experience

I made a website before, because the learning task is very tight, do not go on, but also do not want to let it go, it intends to sell here, let people have the ability to control it, because I was pr=3, I want to send out to sell more than 400 price, many people came to ask a person, and finally discuss the good, soon after graph king sold, although the price at the end, but it is not what, after the exam for two months, one day at the site found above Liuhe is full of color, I think I you will have something at that time? I contacted the man when he actually asked his money, is her, later on, I see a website, "because of illegal content has been closed, but the record information is mine, I was immediately put the record The message was cancelled, so that’s all over, read more

Talk about the development of DC and the road of grassroots agent DC

August 2006 I came to Xi’an to go to school, then I IDC what is completely dark! I love computer, I chose the computer school, I learn is electronic business, I do not know what is the electronic commerce, said it is very ridiculous!

around October 2006, I began to love doing website, I bought the first 100M space and a COM domain name, with more than 100 yuan, I forgot. My domain name resolution will not, all looking for is the service provider, and after that I like the industry.

              December 2006, on one occasion, I and several friends to discuss a hacker forum, I do not know what is good or bad to the server, they gave me a lot of, I do not know to choose which good! There is a source station to tell I have a company now and 2G+200M MYSQL activities, 200 yuan a year, I feel the price is good, since he recommended to me, I also believe that his recommendation, direct purchase! Do in mid December, I suddenly want to do IDC agent to sell space, during this time I have to IDC have a basic understanding! I’ll find my space to talk about the purchase of businesses, the channel is very good, I called him Lao Wu, MJJ very good. read more

The 3 case tell you to buy the domain name or the dynamic waves cut the Gordian knot

market like battlefield, buy domain name must be Xinruzhishui real waves but cut the Gordian knot, obviously love the domain name, to buy time to pack with no matter, the passion in my heart, do not act with undue haste, movement is too large; don’t be timid, the period of ai. Otherwise, it is likely to have been flying to the mouth of a good domain name, and may pass by. The following breakdown of my experience or heard of several cases of failure to buy domain names, I hope to have friends reference value: read more

Two years, from 0 to 1 billion, the Chinese nternet nut first brand to make notes

Abstract: Zhang Liaoyuan believes that the Internet is only the first, there is no second. The pace of development must be fast, slow will die, and soon there will be a chance to live. If we slow down for perfection, without the first place, the supply chain resources will be paralyzed. The Internet Co’s history is the process of self healing, and if it slows down, it dies.

a string of numbers linked to a timeline: 5 people founded the company, on-line in June 19, 2012, sold 7 million 660 thousand yuan in November 11, 2012 sales. By November 11, 2014, a single day sales changed to 109 million yuan, in 2014 the annual sales exceeded 1 billion yuan. read more

Share my experience with PR from 0 to 3 on my website

accidentally checked the Mamy Poko PR value, was found to be 3, I feel is not possible in several PR query search sites are 3, or not to believe in, and then to the foreign website, Mamy Poko PR or 3, this just believe.

you think about it, my Mamy Poko online time is not long, so how fast PR to 3, it is hard to understand, because I did not go to the promotion, only occasionally Links, occasionally hair soft, occasionally to the different site leave your chain, do not run as PR the final judgment should be fast, and imitation station, because it is the imitation of the XXX website (because the station will involve copyright issues, here is replaced by XXX, and xxx) should be related to the design of internal network. read more

Shop small victory by wisdom victory by Germany

was originally called the cross stitch sales victory by wisdom, victory by germany. Yes, I sent it to on the cross stitch town.

this is Mengniu manager ox and students often say a word: victory by wisdom, victory by Germany, I feel the same for cross stitch wholesalers and individual shop owners.

said the first victory over chile. As we all know, there are many ways to improve online store traffic, such as popular SEO, such as software promotion and so on. There are also some small tips for posting around. It’s all about technology. As far as general IQ is concerned, people know how to operate just by looking at it. read more

By the year Baidu suffered abuse

Since last year, Baidu

like algorithm to adjust, the webmaster (should be K is the Webmaster Station) seems to be enraged, criticism has never ceased. In Admin5 see so many Crusade Baidu article title, some go in to see, and some do not see. At the beginning of the hard work of the webmaster seems very poor, then see much more, numb, then then, found the K station, the real regular standing, really well done, not to say no, little.

this leads to a conclusion that the vast majority of Baidu’s K stations are garbage stations. read more

Do stand a month report personal webmaster can not die because of Baidu

sent an article yesterday on A5, a less friendly rebuke to comrades who rely on simple copying and pasting to build their websites and then hope to raise their families. I thought you would be resorted to abuse and attacks the Internet magic, only to drown my slobber, but this did not happen. I thus on the mixing of A5 webmaster friends have a respect, think now, in fact, you really not easy. On the Internet, it is impossible not to mention diabolic tricks and wicked craft, many people have to rely on the so-called "trash" mixing bowl of Rice porridge to eat, no "camouflage" ability is not enough. read more

Analysis of the elimination of negative information of malicious smear by competitors

Internet market and the fierce war is almost the same, even if the quality of your website operation is super good, very popular, will also encounter peer discredit, half a page or even a very small defect after the amplifier Internet make the negative news to occupy the Baidu search results page, with reprint and user evaluation in depth, with the legend of the guide, often make between a very healthy positive site overnight become street rat people cry. Of course this is just a very extreme show, but when the Baidu search results page began to appear on the negative news on the web site, the webmaster friends do not regard as unimportant. read more

A brief history of understanding analyzed the founder’s 2699 responses and 200 seed users

from 2010 inception, known in the Internet industry has always had a little attention, whether it is early invitation, early Innovation workshop teacher Li Kaifu angel investment or recent Tencent, today the capital lead investor C round lead investor D round of financing to know a lot of science and technology media headlines.

privately, a hot topic in Internet circle many friends will often know to find today can communicate with friends, or look at the text interpretation from different industries to them, even in last year’s Baidu Wei Zexi event, Alipay "white-collar diary" circle and so on public hotspots are completed the first round public opinion fermentation in the know. read more