Month: March 2017

The delegation went to Xining, Golog assistance

in October 18th, led by the leadership of Xining City, the relevant departments in charge of the Xining municipal government delegation and media organizations returned from Guoluo Maqin County, the successful completion of the docking for helping work for 4 days. The helping docking work, the Xining government delegation to the twinning of the Guoluo Maqin County, banma County sent 100 thousand yuan of financial aid funds, and to the two county health department presented a value of 500 thousand yuan of medical devices. read more

Qinghai a special fund management approach

this year, the provincial financial norms based on the integration of special funds in the clean-up, in accordance with the "one, a special fund management approach" requirement, for all special funds management approach by revise and perfect the management of special funds, truss cage system.

is the special funds of central and provincial finance department and the Department in charge of arrangements for social management, public utilities, social security, ecological protection and construction, economic construction and the policy of subsidies has earmarked funds, almost covers most of the fiscal expenditure, many government departments involved. It is reported that the relevant state ministries and provincial departments to develop a special fund management approach totaling 220, of which: 40 ministries issued by the relevant state ministries and commissions issued by the Provincial Department of the 180. According to the categories, the basic construction of class 16, class 36, industrial development, energy saving and environmental protection, social security class 7 class 27, Class 17, science and technology education culture 8, agriculture and animal husbandry development, public safety class 72 class 19, class 18 comprehensive. read more

Qinghai provincial management cadres before the publicity approach

the first   to further improve the provincial management cadres before the publicity work, in accordance with the "party and government leading cadres selection and appointment of regulations" and the relevant provisions of the development of these measures.

second   for the new promotion or publicity level transferred to the important post of provincial management cadres, including to be promoted as Chief Department leadership positions, leadership positions, candidates for provincial management level of state-owned enterprises, level of non leadership positions to the leadership level candidates, transferred to important posts, new Renxian County (Urban) Committee Secretary for other publicity cadres. At the time of the general inspection has been publicity of the provincial cadres aspiring candidates, no longer before any publicity. read more

Xining City, north of the city to promote the work of bright spot

Xining City North District conscientiously implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, consciously practice fine work requirements, increase efforts to improve people’s livelihood, focus on creating bright spots.
is a positive radiation play a brand tourism scenic view, Beishan Tulou dabuzi leisure agriculture demonstration park as the leading role, with the further development of township interest farming culture exhibition, Hui Tian farm, art exhibition, flower planting Bai Jin Jia Wan driving and other features of the farm hotel modern urban leisure agriculture. Promote small and micro Hotel on-site office one-stop service to ensure that more qualified small and micro hotels into operation as soon as possible. Two is to continue to promote the construction of social service management information command center, establish and improve the center operation mechanism and working system, strengthen personnel training, to master the work process, ensure social service management information command center as soon as possible to play a role. The three is a good grasp of the construction area rehabilitation center for the disabled, start the implementation of bridge community, Qilian Road West community two "disabled community house" project, expand the disabled services, so that people with disabilities can be nearby, convenient and comprehensive service. Four is a project of building a new socialist countryside Yan village to continue to promote the integration of urban and rural characteristics, in accordance with the "planning, construction, fine fine fine management" work requirements, speeding up the management mode of rural service innovation, improve the rural service facilities, efforts to promote the project construction, to ensure that the project is completed and put into use as soon as possible. Five is to build quality block requirements, focus on the implementation of the Bridge Street Streetscape upgrade, laying, Road Pavement Tiles Menyuan convenient road for new projects, to ensure the fine blocks transformation of the construction highlights, features, greatly enhance the quality and grade of the city. (author: Fan Shengdong) read more

With expectations of the two sessions

two sessions and spring is coming! Every one of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members to participate in the city NPC and CPPCC, hearts are filled with the city’s about 2200000 people of all nationalities in the new year to look forward to, you can have the night bus to Xining, I hope the South Ring Expressway opened to traffic as soon as possible, he waited for a university graduate will be able to have good job…… These countless, endless people in the hearts of great and small expectations, it is the majority of Representatives, members of the grassroots people gathered from the bottom of the heart of the voice. Today, the newspaper from the stacks of deputies and members through sorting and screening of "people look forward" in the selection of a small part to publish, these people look forward to, perhaps your expectations, I look forward to, and he (she) look.

[Municipal People’s Congress Qi Jingting view] with the rapid development of the economy of Qinghai and Xining in recent years, the main economic indicators for the forefront of western, and even the national capital, and continued blowout Qinghai tourism, Xining tourism, Xining has basically become a sleepless city, occurred in the Xining way of life which is of profound change. Is the domestic and foreign tourists to Xining at night with this caused great changes to Xining people ride at night can not meet the needs of the nighttime travel difficult, the contradiction is not conducive to further highlight the Xining as the capital city of outstanding tourism function and enhance the taste, so Xining can set up a night bus in some hot line to the pilot to meet the needs of the public to travel at night.

: May the price can expect low
read more

Xining farmers more than 1677 yuan money bag

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in the first three quarters of Xining farmers per capita cash income of $6147, higher than the provincial average of 1677 yuan.

list of reasons:

first quarter to the three quarter, Xining farmers per capita cash income growth of 23.4%, higher than the provincial average of $1677, which is definitely a great achievement. There is a universe. 1677 yuan and the growth rate of 23.4% per se is an obscure figure, but it is true that in the first quarter of, the income of farmers in the city, had to be concerned about. read more

Xining Tourism Bureau to optimize the structure of tourism products

in recent years, the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau to market-oriented, vigorously optimize the structure of tourism products, and constantly improve the basic facilities, and promote the steady and rapid development of tourism. Recently, the reporter interviewed Kong Youpeng, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Tourism bureau.


reporter : hole Secretary Hello, in 2009, Xining Tourism Bureau in terms of tourism market norms do what work?

Kong Youpeng :09 our tourism bureau to increase the supervision of the tourism market, tourism enterprises to strengthen fire safety management and emergency rescue work. The first is to increase the intensity of the investigation and punishment of violations of tourism, a total of 20 times a year to carry out market inspection. Second is to improve the integrity of the tourism business awareness, in order to protect the rights and interests of tourists, we smooth the channels of complaints. Third is to strengthen the exposure of violations, to play the quality of tourism supervision. Fourth, increase the management of tourism safety. read more

Seminar on women’s health education in Xining Forestry Bureau

In August 8th, according to the arrangements for the deployment of the National Federation of trade unions and trade unions to promote the staff quality engineering arrangement, city forestry bureau of women workers Committee held a "health – Civilization – to promote the new image" as the theme of the female female workers in forestry prevention of gynecological diseases and health knowledge lectures, invited the director of the Beijing Department of gynaecology hospital of Tiantan professor Li Qiuhua to come to lectures read more

Xining Provincial Bureau of Education under the leadership of rural cadres to do practical things

to conscientiously implement the central and provincial rural work conference, actively promote the rural construction, Xining City Board of education selected from more than 34 operating units in the high political quality, strong sense of responsibility, with certain policy theory level and the business skills of the middle-level cadres and reserve part to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Huang Zhongxian County, Huangyuan. Deep spiritual village preaching point the central and provincial Party Committee document No. 1. read more