Month: February 2017

Do not use this site on campus secondary trading sites

quick 51, businesses are already busy awfully, through television, leaflets, network advertising everywhere, all want to get a piece of cake; this does not, the school organization secondary market transactions have to be held, but it’s the new Chen was silent, because want to play the new Chen the failure of the secondary trading site last year……


story also since last year, the new year is Chen first contact with the network, not afraid of the so-called tiger, the new Chen is also interested in many things, such as: the campus secondary trading; it is because I heard the school in restaurants, entertainment plaza that held the secondary market began, the message notice in advance for 1 months, then the new Chen had an idea: do a campus secondary trading site read more

Shenzhen started the history of the most stringent limit FedEx hit by motorcycle

central broadcasting network Shenzhen on April 2nd news (reporter Yang Boyu Yang Yao Yu Xinmiao) China according to voice of "news" reported that recently, a field known as the history of the most severe "Jin Mo brownouts campaigns in Shenzhen, the focus on the subway, bus stations, ports and other business district gathered illegally soliciting illegal behavior, in addition, will also seriously exceed the standard, no electric vehicle and motorcycle license investigation.

this one, Shenzhen express industry practitioners have done an injustice, there are media reports, a number of courier companies hundreds of tricycle was seized and detained dozens of couriers, even for seized tricycle courier and traffic conflict situation. Although the Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau responded said: "Jin Mo brownouts" is not only for the express industry. But for a time, relies heavily on electric tricycle delivery of express delivery companies in Shenzhen or in the availability, a large backlog of shipment car without embarrassment. read more

Layman Watching Jingdong Suning price war who dominate

Although the

e-commerce is in winter, but the world still smoke! Losers are always in the wrong. is always people laugh, and who will go to the old people cry, you want to succeed, must step down a few unlucky! In August 14th, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiang East on micro-blog even throw Suning war rhetoric, the main trends. In August 15th nine, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong set off a new round of the electricity supplier price war broke out. Jingdong Suning price war has been because of the price fraud is cool, but the clouds are not dispersed, two the total will have fought all the old and recent grudges, when read more

500 thousand Cai Wensheng bought kuxun behind

June 5th, according to informed sources, cool news network recently to 500 thousand yuan to buy the domain name, occupation domain investor Cai Wensheng is the driving force behind.

according to the sources, as early as March of this year, Cool News Network CEO Chen Hua in a venture capital conference in Malaysia and Cai Wensheng contact, when Cai Wensheng suggested changes to the domain name kuxun. Later, Cai Wensheng to 500 thousand yuan price for the purchase of the domain name read more

The menacing shellfish network can reshape the maternal consumption market

baby products market is a high margin of the lack of their players in this market never, since this time, shellfish network Baby online shopping market become a rising new platform.

may be a lot of people pay attention to the shellfish network because of its invited Li Xiang and Wang Shiling to do endorsements, and for the industry to see shellfish network of the attention is the growth of the platform, and whether to have the sustainable development possible. Please pay two stars who can do it, but if you want to in the fierce competition in the market to achieve maternal talent shows itself, not capable. read more

No excuses for being late with your mobile phone QQ map navigate between city

with the acceleration of urban development, traffic has become one of the issues of concern to the people’s livelihood. Catch up with the rush hour, traffic congestion is like " mobile parking lot ". Office worker Ms. Shen said that the previous work is’ squeeze class race ", not being squeezed into a meat pie, is don’t get crowded late. Now there is a car, crowded by people into a car crowded car, met a red light is more than willing to abandon the car and go. Because of the traffic congestion Shishuwunai was late for work, the boss thinks is excuses for being late is silence. read more

Entrepreneurs who use the shop will generally make a few mistakes

these two days is just the beginning of my B2B site publicity, but also to see a lot of other sites to promote, and a lot of peer understanding, their own back to digest, and then want to write a reminder. The other most important B2B do not do much publicity, advertising, to the forum, QQ group chat, it is not important! What’s important is how you mobilize B2B inside the registered members to do things for you, not only they are good, you finally will fall infamy, see examples of net sales of Baidu PPC and Alibaba read more

Business do not look at advertising, you must see a big loss!

did you go to the bathroom when you were watching the TV show,


is sorry to tell you that if you do, it’s a lot of opportunity to get washed away.

of course, this sentence is not for the general audience, but for a special audience.

ordinary viewers frequently switch to the TV station in order to avoid advertising; contrary to the special audience, switching frequently to see the advertising program.

why do you want to see the announcement, advertising in the end what

hidden mystery? read more

DC lowered global PC sales forecast for 06 years

in view of the speed of enterprise update PC slowed, recently, market research firm IDC lowered its forecast for full year 2006 PC sales.

IDC vice president Bob O’Donnell said: the third quarter of the situation shows that desktop sales slowdown, which will inhibit the growth of the market. In late 2007, the enterprise market PC update speed will accelerate, and PC in the design of continuous improvement will also promote the growth of its sales."

in the third quarter of this year, PC’s shipments grew at a rate of $9.1%, and PC sales in Europe and the US remained weak. Due to the user waiting for the launch of the VISTA system, so delayed the purchase of new PC. But the company did not delay the purchase of new products. IDC said that by 2007, the enterprise market will accelerate the upgrading of PC, and the PC market long-term growth prospects. read more

6 – 18 electricity supplier gathers from suppliers by kidnapping war

core tip: Jingdong June 18th’s birthday is not too peaceful. In the promotion of the anniversary, VANCL, Amazon, Gome, Yi Xun network, shop No. 1, and many other competitors have sent a "black gift", jointly released a variety of promotional activities to split consumers. Among them, the most obvious…

reporter Chen Shijun Shanghai reported

Jingdong June 18th this birthday is not too peaceful. In the promotion of the anniversary, VANCL, Amazon, Gome, Yi Xun network, shop No. 1, and many other competitors have sent a "black gift", jointly released a variety of promotional activities to split consumers. read more